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about us

    Nomoore Creations is a Digital Content Creation
company founded by Nicol Moore.
We specialise in digital design for the web and print
as well as digital effects for film and video.
     Nomoore Creations brings together nearly 10 years of customer relations, 20 years of general computer experience and crisp, professional European design styles gained at one of the oldest creative institutions in London, England. All of this serves to provide the client with the product and experience that should be a standard in business.
     Our goal is to raise the level of digital design and
digital visual effects in Barbados while making Nomoore Creations the premiere digital content provider not only in Barbados but also in the region. This goal will hopefully bring the entire Caribbean region on par with the European and U.S design / effects houses making the entire region a more viable option for international design business.

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